Tax Advice

Shellock Consulting Ltd can provide practical and easy to understand advice and help you to manage your tax affairs.  Where you have an existing accountant, we can also work with them to provide solutions to tax questions or issues that are keeping you awake at night or where you just aren’t sure about something.  We can provide annual reviews of your accounts to look out for issues and identify opportunities before you finalise them.  Our team have experience advising clients when dealing with an Inland Revenue Audit, so you know that help is available when you need it.

Our preference is to work alongside your existing Accountant or Lawyer because they will be your day to day advisors.  To this end we regularly provide tax advice to Chartered Accountants within New Zealand to assist them assist their clients.

Succession Planning

Whether you are 35 or 65, as a business owner it’s never too early or too late to start thinking about and planning for a successful and profitable exit from your business.  Even the most financially successful small, medium and large sized businesses can find it hard to sell the business at the right time without developing and working though a succession plan.

No-one likes to think that they won’t be around to enjoy their success in retirement, but the fact is many businesses are totally reliant on one or two key people, usually the owners.  If ill health or death means that they are not around to guide the business the value of that business plummets, and often with low or no value on sale.  Succession Planning now means that if the worst happens, you’ve got a plan to extract value for you, and your family, and to provide continuity of service for your clients too.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning can sometimes be an overused term.  But as the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”.  Far too often in New Zealand businesses fail to plan ahead, fail to identify and develop their strengths, fail to address business threats, challenges and weakness and also, critically, fail to identify and take up opportunities.  A well developed and documented Strategic Plan, with goals, success metrics and regular reviews are key to knowing and developing your business.

Business Reviews

Even the most successful businesses will eventually fail if they fail to recognise change is inevitable, and fail to continually improve their business.  Our team can lead you, your key staff and advisors in reviewing where your business is at, identifying the future goals and aspirations of the business and its owners, and equally identifying what is holding you back from succeeding.

Business Coaching

Shellock Consulting can provide training and support to business owners and managers, asking the hard questions of the business and its goals, and providing on-going coaching in developing  people, product and service offerings in your business.

Restructuring Your Business 

Even good businesses go through periods of restructuring.  This may be due to a change at the top or middle management, bringing in new blood, adapting to the changing economic and business climate, the loss of a key client or supplier, or acquiring or disposing of some or all of your existing business.  At Shellock Consulting we can help you identify what needs doing, when and how it should be done and the advice you will need.  We work with other Professional Advisors and business owners to make restructuring as smooth as possible.

Advisory Board Services 

Our team can provide you and your business with on-going advisory support to the board or owners.  Reviewing your financial results, your forward planning, challenging you on improving the metrics of your business and giving you professional practical advice on how to do so.

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