Christmas Dinner with World Vision


Christmas Dinner with World Vision

We wish you and your friends and family a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

If you are not sure what to have for Christmas Dinner, may we offer you some suggestions with the help of our friends at World Vision.   

Christmas Dinner menu 2018

Water for the table – $45 – Water gives life. And so can you with this gift of clean water!


Frogs legs – $8 – A frog in your throat isn’t always bad.  This gift can give frog farmers training on how to breed, raise and sell these little hoppers.

Seed Crackers – $10 – This little gift of fast growing seeds can have a big impact.

Light Meals

Chicken – $12 – This gift of a chicken and feed can give a family nutritious eggs, manure for their vegetable gardens and more.

Goats Cheese platter – $45 – Don’t let life get your goat. Buy one instead! The amazing gift of a goat really can change a family’s life.

Lunch for Littlies – $35 – Feed a pre-school – It’s so important that toddlers get the right nutrition. This gift can help make that a reality.


Salad – $25 – This gift of a vegetable garden helps kids grow up healthy and strong.  $50 to upsize for the whole community. 

Suckling Pig – $40 – This little piggy will go to market in more ways than one! The gift of a pig can help generate food and income for a whole family.

Fish for the table – $85 – Now you really can make the big catch with this gift of a total fishing package.

Order for the whole table: Lamb, Goat and Chicken shared plate – $175 – Help families out with a mini farm. This gift helps give goats, sheep and chickens to families in need.


Honey cakes – $40 – Here’s a great way to give a community a buzz.  This gift of a beehive provides delicious honey and can help families grow their income.

Ice cream for life $275 – Don’t have a cow!  Give a cow!  A cow can supply calcium-rich milk for families, and so much more.

Coffee – $15 – Here’s a coffee fix that will warm your heart.  This gift can help families learn how to grow one of our favourite crops.

For those on a diet, World Vision offers many other ways to enjoy giving.

Merry Christmas from the team here at Shellock.


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