Shellock Christmas Message


At the risk of sounding like the Queen, here is our annual Christmas message from Shellock Consulting Ltd.
Anyone living in New Zealand in 2019 would acknowledge that we, as a country, had a tragic year which will have lifetime implications for those directly involved.
We here at Shellock certainly hoped of a better 2020. Alas it was not to be. The C word (as it is un-affectionately referred to here) has stalked every country in the world, some worse than others.
“And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.” from Thomas Hobbes’, Leviathan, published 1651 comes to mind.

Us, our friends, family, and you our wider Shellock whanau have experienced it all. We have clients in isolation units or just out (in NZ thankfully), those who cannot return to New Zealand right now, and those that have and are looking for work. Those with the Big C and the new 2020 Big C, those who have had private tragedies and lost loved ones, and those who’s babies never drew breath. Some have lost jobs, or closed the doors, some are struggling to save their business and pay the bills. Others have had accidents, illness, experienced profound sadness, or anger. Floods, fires, wind and storms have assailed some of us and others remain separated from family during times of grief and happiness. Some have pivoted (renamed the P word), experienced unprecedented (the U word) events personally and professionally. We are missing our face to face relationships (the Z word anyone?) and travel (T). A whole alphabet to choose from in fact.

Despite this, regular readers of our blogs will know that we are forever counting our blessings and trying to make a difference to your business by updating you with the ever changing rules now that the 2020 Big C has entered our lives and our communities. And trying to make our small contribution to something more important than ourselves.

Shellock supports World Vision as its long term charity. It has been a privilege to hear back from clients who have converted their annual client Christmas gifts into something that makes a difference and is close to their heart. We recognise each to their own and right now charities are bombarding our inboxes, so many are “over it” before it has begun. However, if you are looking for a present for that hard to buy for person try out something different. This year we thought we would ask our people for a recommendation for a Christmas present that will make a difference.

Anne recommends a bottle of wine from 27 Seconds , where 100% of their profits go to Hagar. Hagar provides intensive recovery care to survivors of slavery, trafficking and severe abuse in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. If you are not into wine, then feel free to donate directly to Hagar.
Helen’s charity of choice is KidsCan. “KidsCan provides the essentials to Kiwi kids affected by poverty so they can participate in learning and have an opportunity for a better future.” You can “support a child” for $30 a month or make a one off donation.
Rose recommends Heart kids, helping families who have children with heart conditions with practical support. They have an online shop and you can buy Christmas cards, reusable coffee cups.
John recommends the Christchurch City Mission  “Because they’re there” to misquote George Mallory about something completely different.

And to finish on a high note, the year was book-ended with the blessing in marriage of L’Angelique to Elliot in February, and Rose to Joshua in October. Joyous occasions for all their families.

We wish you joy, peace and satisfaction for the coming Christmas and New Year. Stay well and remember the old saying, Coughs and Sneezes spread diseases, so be part of that Team of 5 million (with our 1 million reservists overseas) and let’s build back better for 2021.

Image: Rose’s wedding bouquet from Moffatts Florists in Halswell, Christchurch



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