A Very Special Gift For Christmas


As we come to the end of the year, we might celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, New Year, meeting with family or friends (or avoiding them) or just enjoying a bit of a rest.  Some people enjoy the buzz, others try to avoid it, and some are working long hours to enable us to shop, shop til we drop.   Between making plans, checking lists twice, balancing our credit card with our own and other’s expectations and our finances, sometimes we just need to pause and consider those whose life is not working out so well.  This may be those grieving, those suffering from illness, exhaustion in supporting someone else, stress, financial stress, homelessness, a feeling of helplessness or those who are just angry with the world in general.   This might be you, or someone close to you.

At Shellock we like to celebrate our client’s successes and help and guide them in the tough times.  But what we don’t do is send them a Christmas hamper or bottle of wine.  Most don’t need it, although we all like receiving gifts, especially unexpected gifts.  Shellock supports one charity throughout the year and gifts your theoretical Christmas “hamper or wine” to someone who needs it a little bit more than you.

Anne and John Edgar have sponsored a child through World Vision for all their married life [not the same child you understand, a few have grown up over the years], and when we incorporated Shellock Consulting Ltd, we felt drawn to continue that relationship through the company.  Hence, each year around this time we write a blog encouraging our clients and friends to also consider putting a little bit aside for someone else.  World Vision is our choice – you may have your own passion either here in New Zealand or further afield.  This Christmas season, of course, Samoan children and families might be on your heart as well as on your TV and newspaper.

This year we are thinking about World Vision’s work in supporting survivors of trafficking and exploitation.  Sorry, that is not a happy or trendy topic and there are no smiling children celebrating the cow or the goat gifted to their village.   Here is an extract from the World Vision website on the topic.

“Child marriage, child labour, and trafficking are some of the biggest issues facing girls in Asia. One in nine girls will marry before they turn 15, and millions of children are being trafficked into sex exploitation and forced to work each year.”

These issues have devastating consequences for girls. It affects their health, interrupts their education, and prevents them from reaching their potential. It robs them of their dignity, their rights, their future and, too often, their lives.
Exploitation of girls is complex and can be caused by a range of issues such as harmful traditions, poverty, and weak protection services and laws.

If you would like to help in this area, or any other project World Vision would love your support, whether as a one-off gift, a child sponsorship or on-going monthly support.

Click here for World Vision New Zealand’s website.    https://www.worldvision.org.nz/locations/asia/

And hot off the press, World Vision have just launched a new sponsorship relationship, where the child choses the sponsor – how cool is that! https://www.worldvision.org.nz/chosen/


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